About Daniel Eichstadt:

With close to a decade in the lending industry, Daniel thrives on personalized relationships and substance behind service. His clients and agents alike, love the streamlined process he has created in house while working to ensure the monotony behind the paperwork doesn’t take away from the individualized attention that everyone deserves. As a trusted advisor, he structures each day and loan with one thing in mind- exceptional client service and acting as a superior extension of his referral partners' business. With every call, video and update, Daniel knows that people in this industry can be a dime a dozen. Whether doing it for thirty years or thirty days, he knows what makes the difference is the depth of the relationship. Decision making isn’t an online application, or a pricing exception… it is when you have the right professional with the right motivations to get you to the finish line.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” - Aristotle